Grow and Glow: Hydroponic Planter Doubles as Fashionable Light Fixture

February 15, 2014 by


Here is an instance where size doesn’t matter. The size of your dwelling that is. Hanging from the ceiling, Spice-Versa grows herbs upside-down, growing and glowing as both a hydroponic planter and lamp. If you’ve got room for a light fixture, you’ve got room for the hydroponic palnter, and Spice-Versa.


Designer Ana Arguezo’s concept contains six sections for growing, each container circling around a central mercury spotlight, which plants love.

That’s great, you say, but who wants soil falling on their head? Well, there is no soil involved in growing on planet Spice-Versa. Plants grow in a biodegradable plant gel, chalk full of plant nutrients and hydration. The gel holds water so efficiently that you only need to water your herbs once a month. If you are busy like most people these days, this is one task you can remove from your multitasking list.


With your herbs growing indoors and stylishly hanging at picking distance, you can cook with fresh herbs all year long. Plus, the fragrance of herbs in a home is really divine.

All photos from Coroflot

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