5 Totally Awesome Styish Modern Birdhouses

February 13, 2014 by


Nothing says a fine feathered nest can’t be a stylish one–even if the birds don’t notice, we do. I’ve found five whitty modern birdhouses that will make any avian friend feel at home in style.

1. Birdhouse S.P.H.E.R.E. (Screech Owl Perfectly Hidden Elevated Reflective Environment)
The mirrored sphere, above, by Superkül Inc. may be stunning and sexy, but I’m told that reflective surfaces scare birds away and owls will apparently not nest in hanging objects. Part of the Toronto Botaical Garden exhibition, it didn’t pass the judges approval for its practical flaws, but in my book it’s a nice shiny globe to hang in the garden even if the birds just stop by for a second. (Exhibition concept, not for sale.)


2. A Type of House
Nishant Jethi’s created an entire alphabet of birdhouses that can spell out a name, address or statement of your choice. Use your imagination to make it a red letter day for the birds.


3. Bird Tents
Designer Dieter Janssen’s military camouflage tents for birds hang from the trees to hide in plain sight. There are three patterns from which to choose, each with an organge dip ainted perch and a yellow hanging cord.  $45 at Made.


4. BirdCabin
Think of it as an avian log cabin: Birdcabin provides a stylish modern sanctuary for birds making a home in the garden. Australian design studio Tait’s head designer Wayne Bell conceived of BirdCabin as a safe haven in which small birds can visit or nest in an urban environment where tree hollows are scarce. The powder coated “cabins” are made from salvaged Spotted Gum timber off-cuts from the Tait factory floor and a single piece of cleverly folded steel.



5. Mid-Century Modern Ranch House
Inspired by Cliff May’s California mid-century modern ranch home, this redwood baby is sealed for outdoor use. It’s got a 22 foot long roofline and holds a hefty couple pounds of seed. This modern abode has a semi-articulated mounting arm attaches to walls, fence posts, decks and urban apartment balconies. $90 via Etsy.


If you are crafty and love DIY projects, consider building your own modern bird abode, top of post. In addition to the wood, this mod birdhouse requires nothing more than an electric drill and a few toolbox staples. This project takes about 2 hours and cost about $10 in materials. If you’ve never built anything before, well…wing it.

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