How Doing the Hula Makes Plants Happy and Healthy

December 19, 2013 by


If you’ve ever wanted your container gardening efforts to be less about labor, and more about love, here’s your chance.

Update 7/2022: This product is no longer in production, but here is a similar space-saving and collapsible fabric planter.

The new space-saving Hula Perfect Planter folds flat for storage, but in addition to saving valuable space, it saves you time and effort.


Sanctuary Soil’s Hula Planters are made with OxiTitan, a patent-pending antimicrobial coating that harnesses the power of light and water to make the container, well, virtually self-cleaning.


When Dirt is a Four-Letter Word
The planting and cultivating part is fun, but the pot cleaning part? Not fun and it’s time-consuming. With most pots, you need to get rid of those nasty mineral deposits and other stuff that may harbor disease organisms that could harm your plants. Hula does this work for you.

Hula uses the visible and ultraviolet (UV) light in sunlight as well as artificial light from indoor lighting to continuously clean itself and reduce odors.


Less Toil, More Soil
No need to use any diluted chemical poisons, dangerous pesticides, or heavy metals with this baby. That all translates to less effort on your part because you don’t need to clean and disinfect Hula after each use. And because you don’t need to clean Hula before planting, you can go straight to the fun part.


Never-Ending Cleaning Cycle
The Hula’s made of a virgin polypropylene laminate composite which is recyclable and just as reusable as your other clay or plastic pots. Its green photocatalytic process never stops working so even with repeated use, the planter remains free of all bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs.)


The Root of the Matter
No dancing around the fact that plants like the Hula as much as gardeners do. Hula’s patent-pending air pruning design ensures healthy root growth. Goodbye root-bound plants. Your plants have a better chance of thriving, and you have a better chance of container gardening success. Win-win.

To plant either ornamentals or edibles, all you need to do is fill the Hula Planter with soil, soil-less mixes, clay, or rock wool. You can water your plants any way you fancy: top feed, hand water, floor or drain to waste.

So what do you say, time to do the Hula?

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    how do I order the perfect planter plastic pots

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