5 Cool Finds Made From Recycled Gutter Parts and More

November 15, 2013 by


Photo via ScoutMob

We’re celebrating  America Recycles Day with five unique creations made from recycled everyday materials, like gutters and glass bottles.

These inventive ideas just scrape the surface when it comes to seeing what can happen when mixing recycling and repurposing with ingenuity, creativity, and a stronger sense of responsibility for the current and future state of our environment.

1.  Lille Syster, the paper gardener, has given new life to discarded books by creating colorful paper flower garlands from those well-read pages. Find her flowering garlands at ScoutMob.

Photo via Gizmodo

2.  Check out Gizmodo to learn about artists who are recycling empty soda cans into chairs, and all this is being done in São Paulo right there on the street where the cans are found.

Photo by Studio Swine.   

3. Visit URDesign to see how a team from Studio Swine recycled plastic bottles in such an extraordinary way to create the “Stand Light” floor lamp, above.                                                                                                                                                    

Photo via TakePart

4. Meet the Hydra Hydrant, above, whose elbows, downspouts, and typical gutter parts take on an entirely new artistic purpose thanks to Lynn Aldrich. Visit TakePart to see more of her repurposed works created from common recycled household items.

Photo via Inhabitat

5.  Whatever you do, don’t take cardboard for granted. I mean how fabulous is this magazine rack designed by Santiago Morahan, and made from recycled cardboard?  Head over to Inhabitat to learn more about Morahan’s artistic endeavors with recycled cardboard.

Craving more ideas for upcycling your everyday stuff? Head over to our Pinterest board for inspiration.

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