Edible Lamps Grown With Magic Mushrooms

November 14, 2013 by


While you and I can now 3D print our own products, Danish designer Jonas Edvard grows his own 3D edible lamps.


Yep, Edvard cultivates the living lamps from a material he’s developed using the domestic waste of oyster mushroom leftovers from local food production.


The designer recycles mushrooms to grow the lamps which in turn grow more mushrooms. These food-producing lamp shades are definitely a twist on the grow your own concept. Would you call it agrilighting?



After harvesting and drying the mushrooms, Edvard cultivates the lamps over a two week period.


He forms the lamp shades from a composite of the mushroom spores and a hemp and linen fiber mat woven from clothing and rope manufacturing waste that would otherwise be composted or added to building materials.


Basically, says Edvard, the mushroom spores “eat and grow together” the plant fibers, stabilizing them together like a glue into a lightweight, soft, flexible and organic living textile material that’s also compostable.


I’d say Edvard has truly served up a sustainable design: during the production cycle, each lamp produces 500-600 grams of nutritious edible oyster mushrooms. If other cool products do not result from this innovative material, I will eat my hat.

Photos via the designer. 


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