Click n’ Grow Unveils Web-Based Smart Farm Project

October 8, 2013 by


Click n’ Grow, the smart planter we’ve featured before, just got smarter.

The micro-farming system already had electronic sensors operated with software to measure the plant’s needs and release precise amounts of fertilizer, air and water. But now they’ve got you controlling your edible garden from afar by introducing the Smart Farm, a scalable high tech food growing system whose software can be controlled over the internet.


Biomimicry and Smart Soil
Smart Farm combines the “smart soil” that incorporates nanotechnology and a sensor-based software system to encourage optimal plant growth. Using biomimicry, Click & Grow’s technology lets plants grow naturally, they say, in the even the most difficult conditions. Plants require no additives or fertilizer as the system contains oxygen pockets and supplies plants with an exact amount of nutrients according to the plant’s growth cycle.

The goal, says the company,  is to offer “a product that can provide access to fresh food for a fraction of the cost one might find in today’s cities.”


“With the rise in food prices and the insufficient availability of fresh and healthy dietary choices, there are close to 870 million malnourished people worldwide,” says Mattias Lepp, Click & Grow’s Founder. And although Lepp admits they have a long way to go, they hope their Click n’ Grow family of planters represents a step forward in reaching that goal.

From Small Family to Small Neighborhood
Smart Farm, the company says, will be scalable to accommodate a wide range of needs from a small 10-unit plant system to a farm with millions of plants. Click n’ Grow’s team foresees completely changing the way people consume produce at home and believe Smart Farm has the potential for bringing fresh food to schools, restaurants, hotels, container farms.


“Over the last year we have a proven track record of ushering greenery into people’s homes with selling more than 80,000 Smart Flower Pots. Using the same technology, we were able to develop our successful Smart Herb Garden Kickstarter project that raised over $625,000,” continues the company’s founder. “We believe this technology will be the future of how the world consumes fresh food.”

Prototypes are currently in testing and Click & Grow expects the final product to be released in March of 2014. 

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