Végétagère Modular Container Gardening System by Frédéric Malphettes

September 14, 2013 by


Végétagère, a hybrid plant trellis shelving system composed of modular wood shelves with openings to accept stackable vegetable fiber pots, debuted at last spring’s Jardins Jardin, the edgy urban garden design show in Paris’s Tuilleries Gardens.


Parisian designer Frédéric Malphettes‘s design enables novice gardeners to build vertical gardens and living walls by simply planting containers.


Végétagère, says the designer, works something like a Lego–that is, one can build and configure the modules into a variety of shaped and sized structures of different widths and heights.


In residential settings, Végétagère works triple duty: as apartition for dividing indoor or outdoor spaces on balconies or terraces, as a living screen to maintain privacy, or simply an all around moveable and changeable container garden.


As a concept for community garden spaces, Malphettes suggests Végétagère would work well to optimize limited growing areas for vegetable gardens either on the ground or on a rooftop.


Malphettes’s Végétagère was one of several designs selected from the show’s anual competition of innovative ideas open to garden and landscape designers, product designers, architects, or anyone with a creative idea for greening the private or public urban environment. Past winning concepts have included Thomas Hanss and Raphaël Cloix’s mini straw bale balcony garden, Eugénie Pfeyl and Thibault Delefortrie’s Klorofyll herb garden light fixture, and Lombric & Co’s combo kitchen composter, cutting board, and planter.



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