Found it! Bright Ideas for DIY Lighting Using Repurposed Household Objects

September 3, 2013 by

Tomato Cage Chandelier

We were intrigued with the fun and unique lighting ideas out there all made from upcycled household objects. For the crafty out there, here are some creative DIY instructions as well as ready-to-go designs you can purchase.

The secret life of an outdoor chandelier.
Rustic elegance results, top photo, when you combine a tomato cage, wire, plastic beads, crystals from a discarded chandelier, and a hanging light kit into a DIY chandelier. Visit Pig Logs and ‘Tater Berries.


Chelle Frost of ClassyGarbage has upcycled wine bottles into lights that will add color and sparkle anywhere. Available through Etsy.


Make room for this lineup of various sized mason jars from BootsNGus, used to create an inventive, handcrafted, tabletop lighting display. Buy it at Etsy.


Food’s on, and so are the lights! Dutch designer Willem Heeffer, combines function and fun with pendant lights created from Heinz Beanz tin cans. Find out more at Upcycle That.


Where are all those flashlights when you need them?  They could be hanging from the ceiling in the form of a Vintage Flashlight Pendant Light Fixture with LEDs. Explore on Decoist.


Graypants has designed scraplights from salvaged pieces of corrugated cardboard. Talk about a multi-purpose material. Visit graypants.

Got any good DIY ideas? Share your lighting ideas using upcycled household objects!

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