Outdoor Hanging Glass Sculpture Functions As a Sustainable Fly Repellent

August 7, 2013 by


Spotted this cool glass object from from designer José de la O in my inbox today, but wasn’t sure what it was.


Inspired by the traditional hanging plastic bags of water used to scare away flies at food markets and taco kiosks on the urban streets of Mexico,  de la O created the Anti Fly Sphere, a beautiful and functional glass sculpture hand-blown at a family-owned workshop in Mexico City.


Using Borosilicate Glass, a thinner, lighter glass that can resist abrupt thermal changes, there are two design variations of the sculptural fly deterring object. The “2.0” version has a sandblasted top and nylon rope while the mexican-inspired “3.0” version has a clear finish and a heavy duty leather rope.


Like the water-filled plastic bags, the glass sphere functions as a sustainable pesticide. The refracted water reflects and amplifies colors and movements, irritating the fly’s the sensitive eyes to repel it unharmed, while leaving food free of flies in a no fly zone.

Watch How It’s Made:


$79,00 US + Shipping and Handling via the designer.


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