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I don’t garden much, I’m happy with the design part then others who do it better handle the planting part. The self-watering Patch Herb Planter is for non-gardeners or novices like me who still want to grow some of their own food. And they want it to be easy.


The Patch arrives flat-packed,  already a plus for urban dwellers, many of whom have things shipped and may also live in tight quarters.


Indoors or Out
The planter is easily transportable, and saves spaces as it can be stored flat again when not in use. The Patch goes anywhere, indoors or out–on a windowsill, tabletop, in the kitchen, or on the patio.



How it Works
You unfold it for easy assembly, then fill it with soil. Each Patch holds 4L of soil and 2L of water in the reservoir below. Next, plant seeds or starter plants. Then, through the fill tube add water to the reservoir. The reservoir delivers the water to the plant’s roots through Patch’s sub-irrigation system where it wicks water (like a sponge) from the reservoir to feed your growing veggies or herbs. Keep the reservoir filled and you should be home free.





Recycled and Recyclable
Made of Tyvek, Patch’s outer body is fully recyclable, washable, and stain resistant. The interior components are made of PP #5, also fully recyclable.


How Much Water?
Patch’s designers recommend once a week in the early stages of growth. Once the plant is mature and quite large, you may need to add water to the reservoir every 2-3 days especially in hot weather.

What About Soil?
According the Patch folks, “The best and really only type of soil (or as the pros say “growing medium”) to use in your Patch is called Potting Mix. Potting mix is defined as “Contains No Soil (Dirt)”, and is a sterile mix which may contain a combination of sphagnum moss, perlite and vermiculite. Potting Mix has particles larger than soil to allow the flow of water and air in the container. Potting Mixes drain well while still retaining sufficient water for plants. There are several types of potting mix commercially available, and they will all work in your Patch.”

What Can You Plant?
Culinary herbs, leafy greens and kale grow really well and just about anything that loves moisture and doesn’t need more than the panter’s 6″ depth–except Rosemary and Sage apparently don’t like Patch very well.

Buy the Patch Herb Planter.

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