Stylish Urban Greenhouse on Wheels

April 25, 2013 by


What began as Danish designer Line Grüner’s thesis project, recently got rolling as the Urban Green House, a rather stylish but functional mobile greenhouse on wheels developed and designed for the small space metropolitan dweller.


Although initially intended for her own use, the Urban Green House has attracted the attention of other green fingers, including institutions such as nursing homes, all whom desire a small greenhouse for their residents. Having picked up so much traction, Grüner’s postponed her plans to become a teacher in order to pursue the entrepreneurial life.


She’s’s moving forward: Grüner’s entered into an agreement with a Danish window manufacturer to produce the greenhouses, which she’ll sell directly.

“Many said to me that it was possible to produce anything in Denmark. But for me it was important that the production take place in this country, explains Grüner. “It should be a unified narrative, where we develop vegetables locally and then the product is not produced outside the country.”


Built of wood and a durable, UV-coated polycarbonate, the Urban Green House is a mobile oasis in the city, part growing space, part living space. Inside, the greenhouse is outfitted with an eye toward both gardening and socializing. A plant bed area can transform into comfortable seating for two, with a small storage area below to stash garden tools.


As its tagline “Homegrown Anywhere” suggests, the greenhouse’s mobility is not only an asset for cramped city spaces, but also enables gardeners to chase the sun or move it out of the way to make room for guests or other activities. And like raised beds, the greenhouse eliminates dealing with the contaminated soil that often renders an urban space unusable for growing food.


“I could see that this whole urban farming concept was in motion,” says Grüner. Even those living in the city, believes the 31-year-old entrepreneur, want to know where their food comes from and also have a fundamental need to get in touch with something green.


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