Gardening Chair Offers Mobility for Aging Green Thumbs

January 18, 2013 by


Many gardeners will continue to dig in and garden well into their golden years, but let’s face it, squatting and kneeling down doesn’t usually get easier with age. California designer Han S. Hong’s concept for an OXO gardening chair is designed ease the ups and downs that aging gardeners experience while puttering in the dirt.


For older folks, squatting, getting up and down, moving short distances or leaning are the most repeated and difficult movements.


The rolling garden chair is adjustable and portable, featuring a core steel-spring mechanism to adjust the height from 14 to 18 inches while also providing suspension. For stability, balance, and comfort, the seat and grips are shaped to adapt to the user’s body contour.


Three spring-loaded wheels in the seat’s rounded base offer a large range of motion and make it easy to maneuver, retracting into the base when the user is seated to support rocking and leaning.




The designer envisions several color options, and even a place for stashing things in the empty space below the seat to provide easy access to tools and miscellaneous accessories.

Rock n’ Roll in the Garden
In the meantime, until Hong’s design becomes a reality, if you’re in the market for such a product, this rolling garden seat might fit the bill:


Vertex Rolling garden seat $40 from Sears. 

The same manufacturer, Vertex, makes another model that doesn’t roll, but it rocks:


Vertex Rocking Garden Seat, $36.99 from Sears.


Hong’s Garden Stool Concept via Behance.


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