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November 13, 2012 by

So you’re looking for a vertical garden for your apartment, or a great gift for a gardener. Who do you turn to? The people you trust. You might ask a personal friend…look to a blogger whose opinions you trust!…find something on a Pinterest board, in a Facebook post, from a Tweet…you’ll get ideas and suggestions from people with whom you are connected.

Shopping by Word of Mouth
Enter Pickie, a new social selling website and app for the iPad, that creates a personalized shopping magazine out of all the cool products your friends, the people you follow, and the brands you love are sharing. You request an invitation, then Pickie curates products and product-related content from your social feeds from sites like Facebook and Pinterest as well as your favorite websites and blogs. With new things featured every day, Pickie is a single place you can go to see what’s trending, discover new products, and shop.

Merging Social Content with Product Trends
Pickie basically mixes together social content (stuff your friends have been chatting about) and trending content (the most popular products within your categories.)

There are also editorial pages compiled by the Pickie team, along with a Discover page where the more Pickie learns about you, the more personally interesting the Discover page will be for you.

Like a Personal Shopper
And no two Pickies are alike: based on your unique tastes and preferences, Pickie creates your personalized shopping experience for just you. You tell Pickie what brands and categories you like, and they do all the work scouring the web for the most talked about products. Everything on Pickie is a buyable product, and you can click on the ‘heart’ to save things for later.

Urban Gardens’s Pickie Holiday Gift Picks
It is such fun curating the Pickie gifts for gardeners on Pickie’s Holiday Gift Guide! I was asked to submit just six items, but I know of so many cool things, it was really hard to pick. If you’re anything like me, you will find some great gifts, but like them so much you end up buying two–one to give, and one to keep!

Gift Tool
Using the Facebook Gifting Tool, you log in and get gift recommendations for your friends based on Pickie’s analysis of your friends’ likes, pins etc. that helps identify the best gifts for them.

Shopping with the help of your favorite blogs and friends is has never been so fun!

Request an invitation or download the iPad app.

(Note: A Facebook account is currently required to use Pickie, which they use to identify the cool products your friends are liking–but they promise to never ever to post on a user’s behalf.)

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