Outdoor Furniture Makes Dining Al Fresco a Breeze

November 4, 2012 by

After a hurricane, a little wind disrupting an al fresco dining experience might almost seem like a pleasure, not an annoyance. However, designers Marco Marotto and Paola Oliva have come up with an outdoor furniture solution to address those strong breezes that can make dining and entertaining outdoors difficult when a gust comes along. And what about that cool arbor anchored by the two planters?

Created as an entry for the spoga+gafa Garden Unique design contest, Bye Bye Wind is a table and set of chairs with molded inset grooves to hold plates, glasses, napkins and even plants so you don’t have to hold them down.

Great for small spaces, the design offers lots of double-duty storage areas, like the back of the chair where there is a pocket-like container to stash magazines or whatever you fancy.

The table’s four corners each contain an inset space to place anything you like–food, objects, or plants.

Marotto and Oliva are seeking a manufacturer for the set, so until then, go dine with…gust-o.

via Behance.

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