How To Make Inexpensive DIY Vertical Garden Room Divider From IKEA Plant Stands

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Like many urban apartments, my daughter’s first apartment in New York City is small on space. It’s a budget “converted” one bedroom–which means there is a temporary sheet rock wall to carve another bedroom out of part of the original living room. That part works well, but the solid wall dividing the little “dining alcove” from the living room makes that space a bit claustrophobic and dark. Too bad they didn’t leave it open so she could have created this simple DIY living wall to separate the two spaces while also bringing light and plants to filter the city air.

DIY Vertical Garden Screen

Using some inexpensive PS 2012 three-pot planters from IKEA, here’s how to make a simple vertical garden living wall room divider.

Plant, Divide and Conquer!
There’s really nothing to craft and you can do this in less than an hour. Just buy as many 69 ¼ inch high 3-pot plant stands as you need, above, add your favorite plants in a 4 ¾ inner pot, then configure them to fit your space and screening requirements.

And if you are anything like me, you may change your mind and want to reconfigure things. No problem as these are not fixed to the floor, which also means you can move them in front of a window for more sunlight.

Mobile and Double Duty Indoor/Outdoor
“I wanted to create a kitchen garden for everyone with gardening dreams,” explains Ikea designer Nicolas Cortolezzis. “Even for people who live in small spaces or in the middle of a big city. My mobile garden lets you grow things indoors, vertically. Three plant pots give you room for both beautiful flowers and nutritious herbs, and you get lots of wonderful scents in the bargain. IKEA PS 2012 plant stand is tall, but surprisingly light and made with a minimal amount or material. You can move it from place to place easily and, if you want, you can even use it as a green room divider.”

Best of all: they are portable, and since they’re made from powder coated galvanized steel, they can also work outdoors to provide a privacy from nearby urban neighbors.

Do you have a cool DIY green wall privacy screen you’ve made? Please send us pics or post them on our Pinterest page!

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