How to Turn a Bicycle Wheel Into a Rotating Vertical Garden

June 26, 2012 by

Take one decommissioned bicycle wheel, insert a felt soil pocket between the wheel spokes, grab some wood and some bits of hardware and you’ve got yourself a rotating vertical garden.

In Rethinking the Wheel, Vanessa Nevers, a graduate student in Landscape Architecture at the University of Oregon, guides vine growth in a spiraling pattern via the wheel’s free rotation.

To DIY, You Will Need:
• a decommissioned bicycle wheel
• a felt soil pocket inserted between the wheel spokes
• a wooden mounting panel
• 1 x 6? carriage bolt run through the panel and wheel
• 2 x radial bearings placed on either side of the wheel
• 1 x cap nut to lock all components in place.

1. Attach the wheel to a flat surface with a wood mounting panel.
2. Once  the panel is secured, place remaining items on to carriage bolt in this order:
–radial bearing
–bicycle wheel vessel
–radial bearing
–cap nut

Via Horticultural Building Systems and Lushe

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