Trending From Paris: Chic Combo Composter, Cutting Board, and Planter

May 31, 2012 by

The trend-setting Paris urban garden and exterior design fair, Jardins Jardin, opens tomorrow in the Tuilerie Gardens outside the Louvre.  I will share with you in a series of posts some of my favorite picks from among the cool products on exhibit. (If I hadn’t just broken my foot, I would be there right now, but hobbling around my favorite city on crutches wasn’t going to cut it.)

One piece that caught my eye was Lombric & Co (translates to Earthworm & Co), a combination vermicomposter, chopping board, and planter, designed to fits nicely and beautifully in the the smallest of kitchens. Created by Marine Le Moal & Savannah Lemonnier, the duo behind Rennes design collective, Les Gallinules, the composter looks like a piece of handcrafted furniture. On can chop, slice, and dice, then with the flick of the wrist, easily toss scraps right into its bin.

With its build-in window-box planter, the composter is a veritable mini-ecosystem in which, according to the designers, “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.”

Vermicomposting uses worms to turn organic materials into compost. It’s is an odorless method and this design works well for apartments where outdoor space may not be available.

No garden? No problem. The quality compost is great for indoor plants too.

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