DIY Window Herb Garden From IKEA Pots

April 19, 2012 by

I come from a healthy family tree of Midwest farmers, but by the time I inherited the family’s green thumb it was actually more like a dry shade of brown. After being uprooted last year from the never-ending greenness I loved in San Francisco, I was repotted in a world of winters in Pennsylvania. The sudden change has helped me channel a bit of the farmer in me to recreate a bit of the green California world I left behind. Urban living, however, has provided us with not a single outdoor space to call our own.

Determined to keep plants off the floor or add another shelf to our floor plan, I scoured the Internet for a cheap and easy way to harvest some photosynthesis from our 12’ windows. Not finding anything that quite met my criteria, I devised my own solution from a mix of IKEA products, modifying them from their original purposes to fit my own.

DIY Window Herb Garden: Supplies:

1. IKEA ORE Shower Curtain Rod, $7.99

2. IKEA FINTORP Cutlery caddy, galvanized, black, $3.99

3. IKEA BYGEL S-Hook, Silver, $0.99

After spraying the hooks and pot holders with a good coat of paint to match the rod, as well as a quick trip to the nursery to select my new herby housemates of our favorite varieties, the project was complete.

Now to determine if the farmer in me will be able to keep them alive.
This post and all photos were contributed by Jill Sornson Kurtz, an architect who does green building consulting, works as board president for a non-profit development company, and writes/researches/teaches on public interest architecture. You can enjoy more of her ideas on her blog, JillM.

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