Handcrafted Wood Vertical and Hanging Planter Frames

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The Six-Frame Hanging Planter Frame. 

I came across a new product, Planter Frames, when visiting the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle last month. The free standing wood planters are handcrafted by Pacific Northwest native, Matt Miller, who says he comes “from a long line of woodworkers–as far back as anyone has record of. I have a special love of wood that runs in my blood, I guess.”

The vertical Tower 24

Planter Frames, which are available in three styles–Vertical, A-Frame, and Hanging–are crafted almost entirely of fallen and salvaged cedar from the San Juan Islands, where Miller lived for seven years.

From Tree to Stand
Miller, who works with his father, takes the project literally from tree to planter stand. As the root base in the San Juan Islands, explains Miller, is very poor because of the shallow bedrock, trees are very vulnerable in wind storms. The wood Miller salvages and uses for the planters is milled by his father on a small sawmill, hence the unusual custom dimensions (full thickness instead of thin lumber yard variety.)

The hanging planter frames are available in a six or eight pot configuration. For a freestanding option, there is an A-Frame design that includes one that holds 21 basic garden pots and another that holds nine. The Arbor 3 holds three window boxes (not included.)

Miller offers a vertical stand, the Tower 24, that holds 24 pots and would be perfect for a small space urban garden. The larger frames are held together with wing nuts and come apart easily for winter storage.

The Arbor 3 uses traditional window box trays.

For all the bigger stands, Miller can produce custom configurations. For example, he can put one 24″ tray frame and two 8″ pot frames on the same stand, or all tray frames on one arbor 24 tower configuration. Use your imagination then have him create the frame for you.

Arbor 21

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