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With its Hawaiian theme, this year’s Philadelphia Flower Show did succeed in transporting me, if not to paradise, at least into my imagination for a few hours of fantasy. It did immersed me, perhaps a bit Disney-style, into the sights, sounds,and scents of the islands. There were, as you might guess, specimen orchids everywhere. Upon entering, visitors were subsumed by a giant virtual water wave of light and sound that flowed over a bank of anthuriums and orchids. I wished I’d had a device that could capture the fragrances in the air, then post them to some sort of Pinterest of scents…like Scenterest? You’ll have to imagine how lovely the air was scented with the thousands of tropical flowers.

Outdoor Dining, Living, and Bedrooms

You don’t need to be in a tropical paradise to set up an intimate low dining table and pillows–makes the space seem a bit larger.

A small corner spot with a comfy chair is all one needs to kick back and relax.

Low cushion clad platforms like these can turn from lounging into sleeping areas after a few too many glasses.

Repurposing two surfboards into a bench was de rigueur for this Hawaiian themed show.

Vertical Veggies
Edibles featured nicely throughout the show–including the world’s largest lettuce wall, above, designed by gardening author, Amy Goldman. The 9-foot high, 40-foot long wall contained over six varieties of lettuce totaling 3000 leafy heads.

Demonstrating that there are many ways to grow food, from an overhead trellis, below, varieties of cherry tomatoes planted upside down formed a walk through pergola dividing two parts of a traditional in ground vegetable garden.

City Harvest, who will benefit from proceeds from the show, had one the most creative display gardens where they displayed jars of preserved vegetables against a backdrop of the same items growing in the garden.

Clever idea: Drill some holes into galvanized French flowerpots to turn them into hanging pendant lamps.

In Philadelphia, the City Harvest program assists in making locally grown foods available to the city’s food deserts, furthering the message that gardens are a vital source of nutritious foods.

Reclaimed, Upcycled, and Replanted…

Love these pots sitting on shelves cantilevered onto the reclaimed wood siding.

Plastic cable ties attach small glass vases filled with Birds of Paradise to a wire grid wall.

A rainbow of stripes transform this Adirondack chair in the Camden Children’s Garden display.

Nice way to step up with these hexagonal faux stones.

Stay tuned for more from the Philadelphia and Northwest Flower and Garden Shows!


  1. hazel jarvis said:

    Great post, thank you so much. It really makes me wish I were there. I loved the tomato trellis and the wall made out of reclaimed siding.

    — March 6, 2012 @ 08:36

  2. Jai Roberts said:

    I loved the first picture of the bed in the garden, but they are all great thanks for sharing I wish I were at the show but as I live on Kauai things are not so bad!

    — March 6, 2012 @ 16:43

  3. Linda Sherman said:

    Beautiful photos Robin Horton! I want to pin these on Pinterest but I want to make sure to give you full attribution. Are you the photographer?

    As you probably any pins on Pinterest will link back to your article, however, I highly recommend that you start water-marking your photos. A simple little UrbanGardensWeb.com in the lower left or right will ensure that your attribution doesn’t get lost as it moves around the web.

    Thanks again for the great article. We are closely following the Flower Show from here on Kauai.

    — March 6, 2012 @ 20:39

  4. Linda Sherman said:

    Missing the word “know” above …. “as you probably know any pins …”

    — March 6, 2012 @ 20:55

  5. Theresa said:

    Thanks so much for sharing these great photos Robin. And for the record, if you ever invent a way to create “Scenterest”, I will be the first to sign up. Just think how great that would be for cooking TV shows!

    — March 8, 2012 @ 08:24

  6. karen ho fatt said:

    The garden shows are a great way to get ideas. I go to them every year to get revitalized. You have some good ideas showcased here!

    — March 14, 2012 @ 11:31

  7. Diana Manning said:

    Love the table under the galvanized french flowerpots with the center as an elongated planter.

    It doesn’t look all that hard to create, either. You’d have to make sure that the table is wide enough to accommodate the loss of space in the center and that whatever you plant there will be low growing. I’m thinking succulents.

    Great spring project idea!

    — March 18, 2012 @ 21:49

  8. abercrombie paris said:

    Merci beaucoup pour le partage de l’article sur la trésorerie. C’est un article génial. J’ai bien aimé l’article beaucoup lors de la lecture. Merci pour le partage d’un tel article merveilleux. Je tiens à dire très merci pour ces précieuses informations grands

    — May 19, 2012 @ 03:58

  9. Modern Mia Gardening said:

    Wow! How gorgeous! Now I want to go to the Phila Flower Show. So many great ideas and just beautiful.

    — August 13, 2012 @ 08:23

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