Sitting Pretty in Concrete Chesterfield Sofa

March 2, 2012 by

From the mold of a genuine Chesterfield sofa, a glass textile reinforced casting was created to produce this concrete rendition suitable and “sittable” for indoors or out.

Originally created by UK-based company Gray Concrete to demonstrate the company’s molding techniques at 100% Design London, the sofa exhibited the intricate detail achievable through this particular molding method. During the molding process, the original cushion padding was replaced with a rigid foam modeled to incorporate “bum prints”–that is, to look as if the sofa had been comfortably worn in.

The resulting concrete version really ended up looking like a worn leather sofa. And to deceive the senses just a bit more, there was even a 50p piece stuck in between one of the cushions. Want one of your own? The company will make one for you–and they have a chair to match.

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