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February 6, 2012 by

Look what designer Linda Bergroth has done with a small space. Take one miniature prefab garden greenhouse, add solar panels, a beautiful floor, recycled brick steps, some potted plants, out-of-site storage space, and you’ve got a special gardener’s shed and sleeping space.

The small glass house with its core gable-roofed opens up to views on three sides while a storage area for stashing garden tools and clutter gets relegated to a hidden area in the back of the structure.

Bergroth’s small sleeping/working greenhouse accommodates two overnight and as many gardeners as you like during the day. Bedroom doors open up to the garden, letting in fresh air and easy access to the property.

A hanging lamp and one on the wall above the bed is powered by a basic garden solar fixture.

This little gem opens up to lovely water views, but how great would this little glass greenhouse/guesthouse be in an urban backyard? (I admit, in the city, you might need some good privacy screening!)

via Dornob

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