Urban Parking Lot Doubles as Green Exhibition Space

December 30, 2011 by

At the intersection of architecture and art, architects Cheung and Vogl have designed a concept for a two-story concrete combination parking lot, street art museum, and public green space.

Shinjuku Gardens, in Tokyo, would feature layered soft-clad grass walls to function like translucent  green curtains allowing light and air into the structure but at the same time blocking views of the cars.

With space at a premium in Tokyo, the plan proposes replacing an existing parking lot with one that would double the number of parking spaces with added green spaces to help offset emissions and beautify a patch of the congested urban center.

The structure would include a water harvesting system and efficient underground drainage plan to minimize surface water runoff.

Pedestrian ramps would lead to a public rooftop garden.

The parking garage would function as “park-galleries” and cultural exposition space where local artists would be invited to create works on the blank canvasses of the structural columns and concrete slab walls.

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