Outdoor Sponge Lights Go With the Glow

November 3, 2011 by

It’s all aglow as a focal point for your patio, soft terrace lighting, a sensual piece to light up conversation on your balcony or in your backyard. Sponge, a spherical outdoor sculpture and lamp by Miguel Angel García Belmonte, is reminiscent of sea sponge and coral, with the glow of luminescent sea creatures. Organic in appearance, modern in construction, Sponge is just as comfortable indoors too.

Handmade of a traditional porous terracotta clay, Sponge’s interior is reinforced with polyester resin and then covered with a hydrophobic layer to repel water.

At night, a soft light seeps through the tiny perforations in Sponge’s skin, offering a warmth through it’s uneven surface.

Americans will have to wait for the lamp version as it has an electrical cord wired only for Europe.

Absorb the ambiance.

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