Polished Apples for the Garden

September 2, 2011 by

Perfect for your outdoor living room. Oh how I love these ceramic apple sculptures created by the Brazilian designer Lisa Pappon for Bull & Stein!

Urban apple in silver.

Pappon takes “this food of mind and body” as inspiration for her romantic ceramic apple sculptures to which she applies shimmering glazes, rich matte lapis-lazuli, metallic lusters–all evoking the fruit’s natural beauty. Each hand-painted piece is crafted from clay, using organic pigments and sometimes precious stones, gold, and silver.

The artist reinterprets the fruits in unexpected colors super large scale, some up to 70 inches in diameter.

Bronze apple.

As the brand so beautifully describes it:
“The apple, symbol of the Earth, of life itself, of knowledge and of sensuality, Ishtar’s pome, fruit of the Hesperides and of Avalon, has expressed emotion, inspiration and ideas since the dawn of time. A reward to the beautiful and the heroic, a badge of authority and a source of magic, myriad cultures have associated these attributes with the apple and as such the fruit has adorned human art throughout the ages.”

Matte Lapis Lazuli apple inspired by Yves Klein and Le Corbusier.

Classic red matte apple.

White glazed urban apple.

And there are lemons too in the crate. Elegant, gorgeous…

Bull & Stein will be exhibiting next week in Paris at the international design fair, Maison et Object: Outdoor/Indoor, where Urban Gardens will be scoping out and reporting back to you about new designs from thousands of cool brands, including some newcomers to this design sector. Stay tuned for show previews and news from the show floor!

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