Rent a New York City Backyard Timeshare

August 6, 2011 by

Timeshare Backyard mockup complete with white picket fence. Photo: The Participation Agency.

If this summer’s heat is making any New York City residents feel like suburbanite wannabes, their dreams of lawns with picket fences can come true as of August 11 when they can rent an urban backyard–or “curated backyard”– by the hour.

Artist’s rendering of the soon-to-be transformed empty lot. Photo: The L Magazine.

Timeshare Backyard is an empty lot being fixed up for the occasion by The Participation Agency, a group that unites “brands and investors with creative ventures that shape and challenge the cultural landscape.”  This particular cultural landscape happens to be on Ludlow Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, not the most bucolic of spots, but an area some consider to be one the city’s hipster headquarters.

Preparing the place for sod. Photo: the Participation Agency.

Fifty bucks will get you the yard: grass underfoot and the option to invite up to 30 friends. Sound like a deal? Unfortunately, it’s not a BYO sort of venue. Adding on a Slip ‘n’ Slide will set you back $100, while a kiddie pool goes for $200.  If you want to grill, for $150 you can get one with all the works for ten people (I’m not sure what the other 20 you invited will do. Maybe you have to fork over triple that to feed all 30 friends?) And it you fancy some tunes to go along with your food and water fun, the curators will procure you one of their ”celebrated local bands” for another $5,000, but you’ll need a permit for that one.

As the spot is right across the street from Cake Shop, a sort of combination music venue and record store with cake and booze, the group is partnering with them for their opening private party on the 11th. If you’re not in Central Park with 30 of your BFFs enjoying a BYO picnic to the sound of music from your iPad, then try to get yourself on the party list.

Hat tip: Urban Daddy.

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