Outdoor Chandelier From Recycled Milk Containers

August 5, 2011 by

Got Light? Brooklyn designer, Alexander Reh, creates this outdoor chandelier which he calls Milky Way, from 14 recycled plastic milk gallon containers attached to a hula hoop and wired with 5-watt holiday lights.

As the designers says, the outdoor chandelier “not only strengthens the appeal of your backyard but also builds strong bones in the process.” I’ll drink to that.

Moonlighting as a product and graphic designer from his day job as Manager of Marketing and New Media at the NYC Department of Small Business Services, Reh showcases several of his DIY project ideas through his company REHHAB, where he offers his designs free for personal use, in return asking only for proper recognition.

REHAB’s Milky Way Chandelier Construction List
14 milk gallon containers (washed with drain holes punched in bottom)
1 hula hoop (cover removed and painted if desired)
1 set of 5-watt holiday lights
28 screws
4 eyelets
1 clothesline.

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