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It may look like a pizza box, but inside is not a pie but rather all one needs to grow what could become the pizza’s veggie toppings, and more. ALLOTINABOX™ is a super cool GYO kit complete with information to “get growing” anywhere, even in the smallest of urban spaces.

For Patch, Plot, or Pot
“With space at a premium and allotment waiting lists standing at upwards of 10 years in some places, we thought there’s got to be a better way to get people growing even in the smallest urban spaces. So we came up with the concept of an allotment in a box,” explain the brains behind the boxes, founders Gavin and Lorraine White. “We set about developing our box concept: a product and service that would provide people with the knowledge and basics for growing their own food no matter what space they have available.”

Dinner From the Ground Up
The site offers useful Grow Guides, including veggie-specific information easily accessed by clicking on one of the gorgeous vegetable illustrations where one can closely peruse the finer details of, say, chives and leeks. Once your dinner is plucked from the ground, you can consult the site for recipes such as Spaghetti with Tomatoes, Anchovies, and Capers. Yum.

Get to Know Your Vegetables
Each limited edition hand packed biodegradable box contains all the key ingredients needed for either a seasoned or novice grower to grow and harvest their own food in the garden or even in a window box: a selection of British seed varieties, sourced throughout the UK by the expert owner/growing team; 3-ply organic jute twine; beautifully designed plant tags; and a Grow Wheel information guide to answer questions about when to sow and harvest. Designed by ilovedust, the biodegradable box and can be tossed into the compost pile after use, but it is so nice looking, users may want to make it a keepsake.

Growing Social
Customers will soon be offered the opportunity to join a growing online social community where gardeners of all ages and abilities are encouraged to learn to sow, grow, and network with other like minded growers. Sorry, only UK readers benefit from this one!

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