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March 18, 2011 by

Photo: AlwaysInspired via Flickr

(Note: The contest has ended, but please enjoy the load of ideas here!)

Today is the launch of the Urban Gardens Think Outside of the Planter Box Photo Contest! Enter a photo of your favorite weird, unusual, beautiful, or otherwise special container garden for a chance to win a fabulous Lechuza self-watering planter!

The Sub-Irrigation System:

What is a Container Garden Anyway?

Isn’t it basically a garden grown in containers instead of in the ground? I propose that the sky’s the limit (as you can see in the photo below) when choosing your container.

What’s Your Style?
Do you lean toward the contemporary? Or are you perhaps a traditionalist? Maybe you are a little of both. Here’s an opportunity to experiment. Try fashioning your own container out of ordinary salvaged items. Or, if that’s not your thing, purchase a container that you love–maybe a self-irrigating one like the Lechuza planter we are offering to the winning photo in our Think Outside the Planter Box contest.

Gardens never have enough shoes…or is that girls? Whatever.

Oh Imelda, I have a planter fetish …

Email your photo to for chance to win!

Tell us about your container, and don’t forget to include your name!

Sleek sculptural geometry: Chapütschin, from the Pour Les Alpes Crystal Collection.

This new Lechuza Diamante faceted planter can be yours!

The old Dutch shoe concept gets prickly! Photo: Nyanna via Flickr

Grow Bag, pillow shaped pot by Martino d’Esposito.

Red hot heels with succulents. Stephan Morais via Flickr.

Hey man! StauffacherBenz’s “Relax” planter designed by for Eternit.

Be Creative
Visit a flea market or tag sale and see what unusual items you can repurpose into interesting container gardens. Turn your old stuff into new stuff. Hang a dustpan on your fence for an instant vertical garden. What can you think of?

Spotted on Etsy…

When ya gotta plant, ya gotta plant! Via Greenwala.

Literary gardens, literally. via Gartencultur.

All packed and ready to grow: UrbanBuds suitcase planters.

Color burst outside the British Horological Institute. Photo: Rob Wilsdon via Flickr.

Test the Limits of Scale
Think really big or really small. Creative people have planted gardens that will transport you, literally and figuratively–cars, trucks, trains, and busses. Got an old claw-foot bathtub that has outlived its indoor life? Move it to the yard or patio and plant away. A teeny container like a thimble can be planted and worn. Anything goes if you love it and it works.

Tiny Altoid box gardens. Marque Cornblatt on Gomi Style.

Off road garden: old car. Via Austin Apartment Therapy.

Colleen Jordan’s wearable container garden necklace. (I suggest watering when not wearing.)

Antique bathtub leads new life as container garden. Photo: Lee Ekstrom via Flickr.

Thimble container gardens. via resurrectionfern.

Guerilla Container Gardener
Be adventurous and join the ranks of guerilla gardeners across the globe who are planting abandoned dumpsters, sinks, newspaper boxes, mailboxes…whatever they can find that is empty and crying out for some tender loving horticulture.

Guerrilla’s in the midst: Posterchild’s newspaper box turned into planter.

Posterchild hits a wall: planting posters. Who would’a thought of it? What can you think of?

Sorry! This contest has ended, but stay tuned for more contests!

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