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February 26, 2011 by

I’ve written a few posts recently about furniture incorporating containers. One of my favorite blogs, 3Rings, brought my attention back to this wonderful brand that does it really well. The Swedish company, OFFECCT, makes some fab furniture combining planters with seating and tables. Their Oasis line offers a cool range well-designed pieces, blending together elements from flowers and plants to, according to the company,”enhance and adds value to the work environment, not least through an improved indoor air quality.”

French designer Jean-Marie Massaud has ensured that the planters within Green Islands, above, only take up a small amount of the seating real estate, leaving a lot of room to get comfortable on your choice of rigid foam round or square ottomans.

If your plants desire a space all their own, then Green Pads, above, conceived by Italian designer Luca Nichetto, offer just the spot for your garden containers to feel right at home while sharing the company of others.

Made of recycled aluminum with a gray coating and lacquered legs, these plant “pads” give equal attention to small pots as they do large ones. It’s like creating a mini raised landscape.

I suppose you could substitute ice and drinks or stick a wine bottle into the porcelain containers that are part of Indian-born/Swiss-trained designer Satyendra Pakhalé’s Grip Vase white Corian tables, above. It might be a bit of a balancing act if things get too heavy, but certainly some fresh cut flowers or a lightweight plant could do the trick.

Not part of the Oasis line, designer Eero Koivisto’s Amazonas Tables, above, don’t hold anything in special compartments, but this set of three green lacquered metal nesting tables are recipients of the Green Dot Award for design, and also hold the Swan Eco-label, the official Nordic seal indicating the product is environmentally friendly. And to top it off, some of the proceeds from the Amazonas support The Children’s Rainforest, preserving rainforests in Central America.

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