Just Let Me Slip Something On Over My Balcony

February 8, 2011 by

It’s a challenge making the most of a small urban balcony to allow room for planting as well as dining. German designer Christian Lessing’s multi-functional balcony wall system offers the opportunity to mix and match surfaces that become a variety of functional pieces including a breakfast table, stool, and a flower pot stand.

Inspired by retail shelves and display units, the over the balcony system’s pieces hook on to the slatted frame, but can be folded down out of the way when you need a little extra room to roam. Made of steel and laminated compact board.

With Kubes, over-the-balcony stackable and modular planters, you can manage the balcony view on both sides of the railing.

Made of sheet metal, rubber and plastic, the planters double straddle the railing allowing you to plant at various heights on the interior and exterior of the balcony. Designed by students at the University of Nîmes, Noémie Royer Lorraine Thirion.  Approx. 8” x8” x15.75”

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