Grow, Grow, Grow, Your Boat

January 7, 2011 by

Photo by Julie Moo

I once had a neighbor whose front garden featured a lovely planted rowboat. She eventually moved and so did the boat. It got me thinking about people using these out of commission vessels in their gardens. Whatever floats your…

The way it leans, looks like it is also planted in the ground:

Photo: Willowburn Gallery

Photo: Lynda Kelly

The UK company Nautical Planters offers an entire planted¬†fiberglass simulated clinker 8′ Dinghy planter. It’s “reinforced to take weight of topsoil.” The company offers multiple fixing options and suggests it be surface mounted or partially buried.

Photo: Nautical Gardens

At the Te Mata School Garden Ramble in New Zealand: ¬†visitors took in Teresa & Gavin Hayes’s garden for some home-made lemonade, club sandwiches and cakes.

Photo: Raglan

A website hosted garden?

Photo: thegarden.ei

And in winter…


For the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden, artist Dale Chihuly’s blue and purple glass boat which is nestled in sand. At first I wondered what those gorgeous purple plants were!

And for a 2006 exhibition at the New York Botanical Gardens, Chihuly created this wonderful “Yellow Walla Wallas”:

Photo: Fred R. Conrad for the New York Times

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