Landscape Sporting Big Statements

November 4, 2010 by

If you were wandering through Belgium’s Parc de Chaudfontaine, you might become awestruck by a giant clothespin “pinching” the grass landscape. Artist Uysal Mehmet Ali’s Pinching Earth plays with our perception of scale: the clothespin is 20 times greater than the height of an average person.

Ali has integrated the sculpture seamlessly into the landscape–one does not exist independently of the other, each needs the other to be complete. The clothespin “lifts” the mound of earth up 20 feet. The art project was for the town of Chaudfontaine, which is focused on the protection of biodiversity and natural sites. Perhaps with oversized household object, the artist is making the statement that we too, as humans, need to live in harmony with our environment?

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