An Urban Micro Farm Delivered to Your Door

November 30, 2010

It’s like a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that delivers but, instead of just delivering the produce, it delivers the farm. Home Grow Micro Farms, a new service in the greater Los Angeles area, delivers pre-planted, high-productivity, low-maintenance organic vegetable … Read More...

Dining “Pod” With Vertical Garden Wall

November 28, 2010

As a focal point for the dining “pod” of their client’s newly renovated duplex apartment, PullTab Design designed a custom planted vertical garden wall.

I like how the green wall wraps around the side of the stairway. The plants offer … Read More...

Eco-friendly Plant Sacks and Bags With Zippers

November 27, 2010

We’ve written before about bag planting systems. Great for urban dwellers, they offer a lightweight and easily transportable alternative to traditional planters. French product designer and architect, Patrick Nadeau’s textile Urban Garden Sack planting system for Authentics, … Read More...

Please Keep on the Grass!

November 26, 2010

More sod stories abound. Living furniture makes another debut,  this time growing from Japanese  studio, Mindscapes, who want you to sit on their grass–covered furniture.

The white feet make the stools look a bit like animals.

Fancy a …

Why Did the Urban Turkey Cross the Road?

November 25, 2010

Photo from

…to wish all Urban Garden subscribers and readers a Happy Thanksgiving!


Eco-Friendly Seed Christmas Poppers

November 24, 2010

There are alternatives to traditional Christmas poppers that usually include a small charm or toy that you end up tossing in the trash…kind of a waste. These fair trade poppers from Biome, are handmade in the UK of seed … Read More...

Autumn Faux Snow in Manhattan

November 23, 2010

It was 65 degrees in Manhattan yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I emerged from the subway at Madison Square Park to see snow all around me! Although it looked very real, I had descended upon the remnants of a movie … Read More...

Eco-Friendly Seating Inspired By Natural Forms

November 22, 2010

Alexandre Marronoz’s new urban outdoor seating designs, as the designer says, “take the concept of “green” furniture a step further.” The free form designs are inspired by nature, interpreted as large stones, tree trunks, or logs “for sitting, refecting or … Read More...

Integrating the Garage Into an Urban Garden

November 19, 2010

When the garage is part of your backyard, ya might as well blend it into the landscape instead of hiding it. That’s what my friends did in their Santa Monica, California backyard garden. Like many of the homes in the … Read More...

Ten Fave Features From Our Creative Garden Retreat

November 18, 2010

Back room of the garden retreat. Photo by Robin Plaskoff Horton.

Urban Gardens was honored to be invited by friend and blog follower, Victoria Lyon of Victoria Lyon Interiors, to design Conversing With Nature: A Creative Garden RetreatRead More...

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