Green Minds Unite at Blogher ’10

August 9, 2010 by

I had the privilege of meeting a number of fabulous green bloggers at this year’s Blogher convention. I want to share some of them with you and invite you to visit their sites:

Greenista is sort of a green Daily Candy–fashionistas with a green conscience, a new, go-to green site for all things eco-licious in style, mama, home, news, and food.

ClimateMama‘s founder, Harriet Sugarman, was, as she says. “a policy analyst and economist in my former life.”  She was with the International Monetary Fund, and was the Special Assistant to the Director of the United Nations Office in New York, where she worked on the first UN Earth Summit. Harriet was selected to participate in a training program conducted by Former Vice President Al Gore and sponsored by The Climate Project, where she was personally trained by Mr. Gore to educate the public on climate change. She’ll tell you however that the most important ‘hat” she wears is that of Mom, to her two children, Elliot and Alana. Becoming a mom heightened Harriet’s desire to find a way to “make the world a better place”, not only for her children, but for all the children around us, even the grown up ones. Through her work on Climate Change, Harriet feels she has found her passion.

Care2’s story about green walls and roofs

Care2 is a green blog that calls on readers to do three things:
1) Become informed about important causes
2) Take small steps to enhance your life
3) Take action to better the world
The Garden and Nature subsection in site’s Green Living are includes a story, for example, on green walls and green roofs.

Fake Plastic Fish makes a simple proposition: live with less plastic. The blog’s Beth Terry spoke at this year’s Blogher about motivating readers to take action. Bravo.

I had the pleasure of lunching with Danielle Gould, one of the founders of Food Tech Connect, which explores models for coordinating and delivering robust, real-time information from the food and agriculture system through database design, data cleaning and structuring, and open research. They have published a food system map that serves as a start in defining the food+tech space and identifying the realms that touch food, from politics and environment, to demographics and economics.

On the mommy front, although more than half the Blogher attendees were mom bloggers, their interests and focuses were rich and varied, from social and chatty, to cause-related political, including green. Mommy is Green, explores Mommy Victoria’s “journey to going green one product at a time” which was inspired by an article about the harmful use of BPA and phthalates in products that she read when she was five months pregnant.

OrganicMania is Lynn Anne Miller’s blog devoted to, as her site explains,”cutting through the hype and figuring out when it makes sense to lay out the big bucks for organic and green purchases, and a place to find out how to save money while going green.” They’ve posted about one of my favorites, The Edible Schoolyard.

Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers out there who are, as keynote speaker Gloria Feldt said, making the personal political: we need all of you.


  1. Lynn from said:


    Thanks so much for the mention of OrganicMania. What a great idea to round-up so many of the green bloggers who were at BlogHer. I will tweet it out as well.

    WONDERFUL to meet you – and your site is just as beautiful as you! 🙂


    — August 9, 2010 @ 12:58

  2. Isle Dance said:

    Awww…I wish I could have been there!

    — August 10, 2010 @ 00:10

  3. Climate Mama said:


    Thanks for the “shout out for!” So fortunate to have meet you at BlogHER ’10… I look forward to learning from you… LOVE YOUR SITE and am excited to explore and share all the amazing content and incredible information!

    Best, always fun to join those on the journey of looking out for those..”look a likes…”


    — August 10, 2010 @ 09:49

  4. wishful nals said:

    i was at blogher! wish i had a chance to have met you!

    — August 10, 2010 @ 16:57

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