Good Old Stuff Repurposed Into Garden Art

July 10, 2010 by

Say you just happen to have a couple of extra old Magnavox and other old record player “horns” lying around. Why not transform them into planters like these? That’s what the folks at Fine Garden Art have done with them and many other reclaimed objects.

Farm equipment works again as garden sculpture

Fine Garden Art, of Bedrock Gardens in New Hampshire, creates unique, one-of-kind art for the garden. They transform found objects, everything including possibly even the kitchen sink, into garden arches, arbors, water features, abstract pieces, large and small sculptures, containers and planters.

From the columns of a former printing press, “Moonstone Arbor” is topped with a cobalt globe.

According to Jill Nooney, the artist, and Bob Munger, the self-proclaimed problem solver, “There is an expression ‘The Garden Dies When the Gardener Dies.’ Since our combined age is 126 years, we are worried about the future of Bedrock Gardens. Our ultimate goal is to convert our garden into a public garden that would serve as a destination for people interested in its horticulture, interesting plants, hardscape, sculpture, and landscape design. We can envision it becoming a cultural center.”

Tractor wheel and huge iron round -bottom tub transformed into garden planter

Nooney and Munger’s request for a nonprofit status was denied by the IRS, which they claim has significantly slowed their plans. In the meantime, the duo are appealing to anyone interested for contributions of funds, ideas, energy, or time, to assist them in realizing their vision for Bedrock Gardens.

And if you make the trip up the gardens, you can tour them this Saturday, July 10, or again on September 11.

Bedrock Gardens
45 High Road
Lee, NH 03861-6202


  1. CB said:

    Do you sell this stuff?

    — July 10, 2010 @ 12:52

  2. Matti said:

    These are fantastic. Old rusty object rock…and great they are finding new homes. Matti

    — July 10, 2010 @ 13:12

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