Red Dot Design Awards Come to the Urban Garden

July 5, 2010 by

Promoting great design internationally, The 2010 Red Dot Awards have recognized some wonderful product designs for the garden, including Baya (above):

When it’s nesting season, this beautiful and functional garden object will be appreciated by the winged and wingless alike. The nests of the African weaver birds (Ploceus baya) served as inspiration for the spindle-shaped Baya, whose design, by HadiTeherani, is informed by the natural shapes of reeds and grasses. Created of weatherproof plantation teakwood and high-grade stainless steel, the multi-part nesting place can be disassembled for cleaning. For soft surfaces a ground spike is provided, for hard grounds a floor plate.

Just like the waste it processes, the dynamic composter is made of recycled material: it can be reground and used for the manufacture of new products. Designed by Israeli firm, d-vision, it combines innovative composting methods with an eye-catching design. Equipped with a specially developed gear mechanism and safety ratchet, the composter makes the composting process easier while saving time. Internal mixing fins break up compost lumps as the drum rotates. Adjustable aeration vents allow control of the air circulation and extraction of the compost tea.

The wicker-look Balconera, by Lechuza,  combines innovative functionality with longevity and lightness. It contains an integrated subirrigation system considerably which makes it easy to care for balcony plants. A robust form of high-grade plastic with structural design makes the Balconera impervious to impact, wind, and weather.

The Spiritree, designed by José Fernando Vázquez-Pérez, is for those interested in being green even in the after-life. Linking conventional funeral commemoration with ecological protection and restoration, the Spíritree is a biodegradable cinerary urn that transforms into a living memorial in the form of a tree. The two-piece container is composed of an organic bottom shell and a chemically inert, weathering ceramic cover. The bottom shell holds the cremated remains within its internal cavity, which is meant to be planted on the ground. The porous ceramic cover protects the cremated remains from dispersion, while allowing water absorption and promoting biodegradation. Additionally, the container’s central cavity is designed to receive a tree seedling or sapling. When planted along with the Spíritree, the growing plant gradually feeds itself from the decomposing biodegradable bottom shell and the calcium-rich cremated remains. In due time, the protective ceramic shell is broken by the growing tree, which becomes the actual living memorial to the loved one’s memory.

Hovering halfway between heaven and earth, the Wave hammock’s rounded form, invites one to float almost as if within a cocoon, with either a gentle swing or just sitting quietly within. As the stand can rotate 360 degrees, it can without much effort always be aligned with the sun. The hammock is covered with a perforated, slightly transparent plastic fabric, which screens against solar radiation up to 86 per cent. A robust construction of electropolished stainless steel withstands the impact of adverse weather conditions.

The space-saving Revolve L folding bucket collapses to be stowed away when not in use. Perfect for the urban garden, it’s waterproof and easy to handle.


  1. Mike Basa said:

    Needing to replace my lid on my composting bin.

    — February 23, 2020 @ 16:15

  2. Michael Rouse said:

    I need a new crank handle

    — May 10, 2020 @ 00:40

  3. julie said:

    HI, I need a new lid for my d-vision compost tumbler bin (as pictured above) as one of the hinges has broken. do you know who I can contact to arrange the purchase of this new lid? thanks Julie, South Australia

    — September 17, 2021 @ 21:40

  4. Matt said:

    I also need a new crank handle.

    — May 11, 2023 @ 07:34

  5. Wynn Avocette - 503-335-9090 said:

    We need both a lid and crank handle! Lol Do you sell parts?

    — May 29, 2023 @ 21:23

  6. Wynn Avocette said:

    We need both a lid and crank handle! Lol Do you sell parts?

    — May 29, 2023 @ 21:23

  7. Renee Hart said:

    I need a new hatch since the plastic support has broken and I ca not rotate it because the contents spills out

    — September 26, 2023 @ 17:50

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