Small Portable Garden House Connects With Nature

June 30, 2010 by

Inspired by and named after Walden, Henry David Thoreau’s declaration of self-reliance and living simply with nature, German architect Nils Holger Moormann interpreted the concept to create a tiny footprint complete with most of life’s necessities in a space barely wider than a door.

It’s a 3-foot wide lightweight combination of mobile home, garden shed, hideaway, place to sit, and whatever else you would use it for. The center “seating cabin” is an open-sided, dining, living, and reading room that seats four–two per side, facing each other. Climb a ladder to the upper level and you can enjoy the night stars beneath the sliding sun roof.

Via a door along one narrow side, one can access a somewhat enclosed loft bedroom space that squeezes in a bed. And let’s not forget the birds: there’s a birdhouse and birdseed for them as well.

The exterior walls open to nature and include a series of built-in storage cabinets for gardening implements and cupboards for tableware, decorative objects, a hanging “cauldron” grill, and even a place for firewood.

Could it be an urban garden guest house?

Hat tip to dornob.

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