Tiny Urban Gardens

June 8, 2010 by

Altoid box gardens

Good green things come in extremely small packages. Marque Cornblatt on Gomi Style, a do-it-yourself blog, posted some wonderful wee gardens planted in recycled Altoid and other tiny candy tins: “These tiny succulent cuttings and small herbs seem to be thriving in organic potting soil. I water them a few times a day.”

Among the diminutive delicacies: A single cutting in organic soil covered with black stones and a tiny bonsai in a promotional CD case. “They will likely stay small with such a small volume of soil,” comments the mini-horticulturist. “They should be misted a few times a day but don’t overwater.  A light covering of stones will help keep the soil moist. Perfect for the office.”

Cornblatt contends he really knows very little about plants. “However,” he says, demonstrating he knows a little, “all of these small succulents are native to northern California and are very hearty. I plucked them out of my yard like weeds. They require minimal care and watering. The Bonsai were chosen based on small size. I have one that is a Pine, and a few others I don’t know. I also grew cat grass and other sprouting seeds. The only plant that didn’t last long were the herbs, because they need to grow–the succulents and Bonsai are content to remain small.”

The benevolent gardens of tin.

Mini basil, above, to go with your cherry tomatoes for a bite-size Caprese salad!

Want to go even smaller? Consider planting some thimble gardens, like Margaret Toomen of Ressurection Fern did:

Carrying the teeny theme further, Toonen gathered some smooth stones and felted them with mossy green wool after which she incorporated some cladonia specimens into the fiber:

Wear your tiny garden anywhere you go. A hand-cut piece of faux moss made of latex (but you could use the real thing) sprouts backed with foam has been “planted” into the bezel settings of these sterling silver lever-back earrings (below) by Adorn Jewelry from Seattle, Washington.

For a bit of green luxury at your fingertips, don this verdant ring via AudryLaine from Asheville, NC:

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