Pothole Gardens Surface In Britain

March 24, 2010 by

Primroses are literally blooming on the streets of Oxford, England. “If we planted one of those in every hole, it would be like a forest in the road,” says Britain’s self-proclaimed pothole gardener, Pete Dungey. Guerrilla gardening efforts such as this one have become more and more prevalent in Britain when, as recently as March 14, horticulture troops assembled on a corner in London to clean up and illicitly cultivate a garbage-strewn neglected flower bed.

In his effort to highlight imperfections on Britain’s roads, Dungey welcomes participation in this ongoing series of public installations. “It began as part of a project called ‘subvert the familiar’,” says the University of Brighton student. “I wanted to do something that would grab attention but also raise awareness of an issue, and so the project was born. I have been planting the gardens for about a fortnight now and see it as an ongoing thing.”

If interested in helping, send Dungey an email via his website.

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