Greetings That Blossom Into Urban Gardens

February 20, 2010 by

City: PostCarden’s urban garden for the tabletop horticulturist

The card that keeps on cultivating… PostCarden is a post card that unfolds into a garden. You send it and the recipient just adds water, light, and some daily love. Comes with seeds and instructions for creating a living tabletop garden that will last 2-3 weeks.

Allotment, a community tended garden

It’s designers say PostCarden, “encourages you to bond, live and grow the greeting on day by day basis. Over time the card reacts to you and your environment evolving in beauty and charm.” Available in three styles including City, an urban garden (shown above), that enables you to “strike a blow for greener cities and help nature to take control of your tiny tower block town. Encourage the undergrowth to rise up and envelop the buildings.”

The series also includes Allotment, a community garden where you can harvest your own crop in a matter of weeks, and Botanical, a Victorian botanical garden in the palm of your hand.

PostCarden’s botanical garden

Currently only available in the UK and European Union, but I urge the folks at PostCarden to develop one for aspiring tabletop gardeners elsewhere in the world.

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