Gardening from the Seat of Your Pants

January 15, 2010 by


It’s a rolling plant stand, pond, table, garden seat–it’s whatever you make of it. The creation of young French designer Julien Primard, a former student of EPMC La Ruche in Paris, Vegetalis is a project whose main theme is to be “accompanied by nature in an urban environment.”


Primard’s idea was to create a small oasis of greenery for relaxation and leisure at home in an urban setting. When seated, one is close to nature when surrounded by water, wood, earth and plants. The piece is for a small or large outdoor spaces–the idea is to invest in an area of greenery, using the colors, shapes, and scents from the great diversity of available local plants.



As the piece is on wheels, the designer intends users to move the furniture over time.  Three inset containers make it easy to plant vegetables, herbs or flowers. A clay basin allows for the creation of a small pond where gardeners can place a water lily or even a small fish.

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