Get All Fired Up in Your Garden

January 8, 2010 by


I’m on the east coast and, baby, it sure is cold outside. Nonetheless, I am intrigued by the idea of ┬ábundling up, surrounded by snow, next to a hot crackling fire. Add a hot toddy and something good to eat and my beach fantasy is temporarily suspended.

The rustic Zero Outdoor Fireplace is the latest offering from AK47, a company that has a terrific line of firewood racks and carriers, which of course you’ll want for storing and transporting the wood for your open hearth.


Their firewood and log racks run the gammut of styles and materials from wood to metal and even acrylic.


The Flex, available in white, black, and gray, is made of prestressed steel but it’s draping “fabric effect” makes it look soft. By varying the arrangement of the connecting screws, it can be adapted to various shapes and uses, such as the impromptu chair with ottoman above.


Who needs that chair? Lean against your firewood rack and you’re set.


They roll, they flex, they are transparent…


The rolling container is as fashionable as you and your urban digs.


And if you just can’t brave the cold, bring it indoors and read by the fire.

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