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Chefs through the window on opening night at the Bistro du Grand Cerf in Lyons la Forêt

As my new blogger friend Felicity from said, “the French just ooze with style.” Prior to my recently strolling Paris for a few days visiting community gardens and those of newly acquired friends, I spent some time about an hour away in Normandy where I found inspiration in small spaces that were creatively composed at little expense. Urban gardeners can borrow from some of these ideas:

No faux-bois here: real tree trunks line the walls of the chic interior of the new Bistro du Cerf in Lyons la Forêt

I love how the interior designer of the new Bistro du Grand Cerf, the restaurant of the Hôtel du Grand Cerf in Lyons la Forêt, papered the walls with printed trees, then over them placed actual tree trunks, creating a sort of visual play on words or verbal trompe l’oeil–bringing the woods indoors.

Long before they were stylish, there was this traditional “vertical garden” or green wall…

Serves a utilitarian purpose, but makes a great sort of wall sculpture too…

Around every corner is some verdant surprise!

Window boxes and some climbing flowers

Any small space can be home to a container of flowers or vegetables

Just a single vine and some light…enchanting

My breakfast from a local garden

Hotel du Grand Cerf
20 place Isaac Benserade
27480 Lyons la Forêt
Tel 02 32 49 50 50

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  1. Felicity Waters said:

    container gardening has probably more tradition in denser cities where space is limited……i grew up in the rural urban fringe of australia…no need to plant anything vertical ….wide open spaces everwhere…..but now Australia’s capitals are densing up there is a need to look elsewhere for planting opportunities….. Paris the home of tamed nature is a good place to start

    — October 7, 2009 @ 16:54

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