Flocks of Urbanites Raising Chickens Under Green Roofs

September 19, 2009 by


You don’t have to ask why the chicken crossed the road to get to one of these sophisticated coops. It’s an idea that seems to be hatching all around us, an extension of the urban farming trend that has city dwellers’ providing themselves and others with healthy, locally grown, food.  And if you want to stay fully informed, you can listen to a chicken talk radio program hosted by The Chicken Whisperer. Not only are people raising urban chickens, some are housing their fowl in green habitats. The chickens roost in coops that double as urban gardens as on the coop’s green roofs grow vegetables and herbs fertilized by chicken waste and decomposing mulch from the coop’s floor.


The three-wide chicken coop from greenroofchickencoop.com

The green roof provides natural insulation, and hen house floor, constructed with chicken wire, allows droppings to fall through to the 6 inches of mulch below it. The mulch is then tilled with a rake so that the droppings move to the bottom, naturally covering odors. Green Roof Chicken Coops offers fully assembled coops for $1499, an unassembled Coop Kit for $995.95, or just the coop plans for $34.95.

For state-of-the-art design in the chicken house category, and for the great name, I nominate Omlet for their Eglu House which come in five great colors and can be ordered with or without the chickens and feed.



The Eglu House from Omlet comes in five bright colors

For more great resources and products see http://urbanchickens.org

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