How Does Your Garden Friendship Grow?

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GrowFriend is a great tool for gardeners without yards, and people with land who don’t want to garden. Since the dawn of agriculture, people have shared crops and growing responsibilities. Today, we live in crowded cities where we don’t know our neighbors. The goal of GrowFriend is to bring people together to plant gardens by focusing on creating the relationships that will support sucessful gardens.

How Does it Work?
After setting up a profile, you search the map to locate gardeners and landowners near you whom you contact directly via the short profile on the map. Next, you set up meetings with the gardeners or land holders you’ve chosen, screen potential partners, and decide if you’ve found the right person. Utilizing GrowFriend’s what to talk about and agreement guidelines, you and your partner write out and sign a garden share agreement. The land holder generally gets between 20 and 40% of the food grown, depending on the land holder’s contribution to the actual gardening, how costs are shared, and the needs of both parties. The sharing formula is included in the Garden Share Agreement, along with project boundaries, expectations, and a garden plan.

What Does it Cost?
Nothing but your time and energy. is a free public service of


  1. How Does Your Garden Friendship Grow? | Urban Gardens | Unlimited … « Rapidshare Pingback said:

    […] Excerpt from:  How Does Your Garden Friendship Grow? | Urban Gardens | Unlimited … […]

    — July 7, 2009 @ 22:35

  2. m ack said:

    There are sites like this all over. Check out Seattle’s They are branching out to other cities soon.

    — July 14, 2009 @ 01:04

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