Peddling Petals in Los Angeles

July 6, 2011 by

Amid the proliferation of gourmet food trucks serving up gastronomic choices comparable to those found at three and four star restaurants, The Flower Truck, a Los Angeles mobile flower shop has parked it’s petals. So from Design Truck, you can purchase the designer table to sit at; from the myriad of food trucks, the meal to serve on your new table; and now the flowers to adorn your tabletop.

Owner/operator Jenifer Kaplan, rolls around town selling flowers and “to go” vases. Flower Truck does events and parties, and will be there when you need a quick gift or floral pick-me-up. “Besides little quickies,” said Kaplan, “we can also do an elaborate custom arrangement for you or your business.”

Visit The Flower Truck.

For food trucks in your area, check out Zagat’s new Food Trucks finder and also Road Stoves, a mobile app.

  • Hi Robin,

    The image of the Flower Truck in your blog today, somehow brought back my childhood memory of the Rag & Bone Man who used to come by in his ramshackle lorry once a month to collect junk from the street where I lived, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is back in the early 1960’s.

    He’d announce his arrival by blowing on his aged harmonica that had only 5 notes left. The man himself, also old, also had about 5 teeth left. About a quarter of his ramshackle lorry is given over to a whole array of little gifts that he’d exchange for the junk he collects; and it was absolutely fascinating to me as a little girl, to see so much goods packed into that little space! I recall the gifts: needles, cotton thread, plastic combs, ball point pens and pencils, rulers, dice, erasers, chopsticks, (scary) bamboo whips for “teaching” naughty children, lollipops, etc2. I miss those simple times, now gone.

  • Love this! thanks for sharing.

  • I love it this is one of the best shares yet I think Moo Poo Tea needs to be on the truck with them <|;-)

  • Robin Plaskoff Horton

    Great story Sharon, thanks so much for sharing this with us! I recall the Helms Bakery truck which roamed the streets in west Los Angles where I grew up. We would hear a certain bell as the driver approached the street, ask our parents for money to buy doughnuts. I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but the truck had gorgeous wood drawers laid out with the goods. I can almost smell the stuff now.

  • Leslie

    Is this not one of the wittiest & cleverest ideas ever? What a creative imagination & partnership. Saweet!

  • Robin Plaskoff Horton

    Yes, Annie, contact here to suggest she add Moo Poo Tea!

  • I would love to know about Moo Poo Tea!!!

  • Robin Plaskoff Horton

    Moo Poo Tea is available from Authentic Haven Brand:

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