Biophilia–it’s Catching!

December 27, 2011 by

Artist Daniel Goers, whose Scrap Ecology botanical sculptures we recently featured, runs Autumn Workshop, a Brooklyn, New York design fabrication studio where he works with “the idea of biophilia (a natural bond between humans and other living systems) and how that can translate into the furnishings we surround ourselves with.”

Birch Touch Lamp

Goer’s series of 25 Birch Touch Lamps are created from NYC birch logs, reclaimed from trees cut down during a landscaping project in Manhattan’s “Hell’s Kitchen” neighborhood.

The lamps, transformed from logs into simple, modern lamps, are activated by touching a steel bar which cycles through several brightness settings of a vintage style bulb.

Terrarium Floor Lamp

Three terrarium floor lamps, two from American black walnut and one in hard maple, are Autumn Workshop’s first experiment with inserting a living biological habitat into a piece of furniture. The lamp design allows the terrarium and light source to float freely from the lamp structure. The plant habitat can be viewed with minimal distraction and is illuminated with four different light intensities controlled by a touch dimmer switch, a simple steel bar on the underside of the lamp.



  1. Carolyn Binder said:

    I love this concept, and the examples of biophilia from Autumn Workshop are enlightening!

    — December 27, 2011 @ 22:52

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