Chicken Feather Trees

November 18, 2011 by

Belgian artist Cathy Savel produces original art works and home decorations using natural materials such as string, paper, beans, wood and cloth–and in the case of these curious 11 inch tall trees–chicken feathers. Originally trained as an interior designer, Savels has for the past ten years lived in countryside in the Clermont Ferrand region of France.

Inspired by nature and organic structures, the natural textures, patterns and details she finds in the land around her are a driving force for Savels’s work. “I really loved the shape of these feathers and they were just brilliant for these cones, explains the artist. “I’ve added a wooden base which makes them look like proper little trees.”

The feathers are naturally shed, collected Cathy from her neighbor’s farm, then washed. “I am a vegetarian,” says Savels, “and against animal cruelty.”

You can’t hang ornaments from them, but what do you think of them as Christmas trees?

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