Christiania: An Embarrassment of Green Riches for Copenhagen

November 28, 2009


They were green when, for most of the world, that word was just a color.  Inhabitants of this 45-year-old eco-community use composting toilets connected to individual organic water-treatment systems, run their homes on solar power, and aim to reuse 100% Read More...

Garden or Optical Illusion?

November 27, 2009


Deformscape is an outdoor extension to a contemporary art collector’s home in San Francisco. Situated in a tightly packed urban neighborhood, this limited space outdoor sculpture garden inherits a large tree, and uses, according to Foulders Studio, the architectural … Read More...

I’m All Packed and Ready to Grow


Talk about having baggage. But this is the good kind–the bringing of your own personal and cultural gardening personality with you wherever you go.


Gionatta Gatto, of the Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Project, has unveiled Urban Buds, a … Read More...

Vegetable Garden Planning Advice in a Click

November 26, 2009


It may not be a substitute for a talented landscape or garden designer, but the GrowVeg online interactive garden planning tool offers lots of practical advice for planting your vegetable garden:

Creating Plans
Quickly produce garden plans, add plants and …

Make Green Friday the New Black Friday

November 25, 2009


Although I would like to support local retailers to boost our ailing economy, I still feel my money is better spent aiding our ailing environment and feeding our fellow starving citizens. So instead of lining up at 4am at your Read More...

Visualize Your Energy Consumption


Imagine if monitoring your energy consumption were managed by one of your household’s lamps. With the flick of a switch, Beverly Ng’s solar-powered Spark Lamp, changes color depending on the amount of power your home has used during the … Read More...

Eco-friendly Thanksgiving Place Cards

November 23, 2009

Image from

Scour your local farmer’s market for inexpensive fruits, veggies, nuts, and spices, or pick up fallen autumn leaves to use as eco-friendly place card holders on your Thanksgiving table:

Image from

This pear was dressed with

Instant Garden Anywhere: Just Add Water


Eleanor’s Garden, inspired by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s 1943 White House Victory Garden, is a complete, compact, portable garden in a kit delivered to your door. Set up and planted in less than an hour, the kit contains … Read More...

A Green Nod to Ancient Architecture

November 21, 2009

Sometimes we look back into history for the inspiration to create something current and practical. The artistic community  in Oaxaca, Mexico has been a key player in the development of ideal spaces for showcasing and teaching Mexican art. The institutions … Read More...

Bioplastic Planter That Feeds a Tree

November 19, 2009


Dutch designer Bas Van der Veer’s Bioplastic Planter is made entirely from renewable bioplastics. The idea is that after planting a tree with the Bioplastic Planter, the planter protects it from falling over, then starts to slowly biodegrade in the … Read More...

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